What Your Help Provides

Our volunteers level the playing field by giving low-income renters a voice in court.

As a volunteer with LCBH, you can:

  • Help a family in crisis avoid homelessness
  • Develop important litigation skills
  • Create new professional relationships
  • Learn a new area of law
  • Handle diverse cases ranging from settlement negotiations to jury trials and everything in between
  • Choose from flexible volunteer opportunities designed to accommodate your busy schedule
  • Receive ongoing training and support from LCBH staff
  • Make a difference!
I learned more about being an attorney in six months at LCBH than I did in three years of law school. Most importantly [LCBH] showed me that it is 100% possible to practice law and make the world a better place at the same time.
Joe Goldschlack, Former Volunteer
I didn't plan on being in litigation, but once you get exposed it is so rewarding for you and the client that you keep coming back.
Sean Mines, Current Volunteer