Volunteer Profiles

LCBH's volunteers come from all different backgrounds. Some have never set foot in a courtroom before coming to LCBH, and some are experienced litigators. Some are veteran attorneys with decades of experience under their belt, while others are recent graduates looking to develop their skills.

Dan Parish with Jeremy Snodgrass

Most people think of summer as a time for picnics, pools, and popsicles. For some of our dedicated volunteers, however, summertime meant pro bono time!

Pro Bono Keeps Talented Lawyers on TAP

What’s better than winning a case in eviction court? Not having to go to eviction court in the first place! That’s the philosophy behind the Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP) at LCBH. TAP relies exclusively on volunteers to resolve landlord-tenant disputes before they escalate, with the goal of keeping tenants in their homes and out of court.

Sean Mines

Sean Mines is in his third year as a volunteer with LCBH. During that time he has volunteered over 200 hours with us and worked on dozens of cases. That’s quite an impressive feat for someone who isn’t even a litigator in his day-to-day job! What got this transactional attorney away from his desk and into the court room?

Eunice Lee (left) with Pro Bono Coordinator Samira Nazem

Last October, we at LCBH had the good fortune of Eunice Lee stumbling upon our table at the Kirkland & Ellis Pro Bono Fair. She recalls meeting LCBH Legal Director Mark Swartz and listening to a persuasive sales pitch and promise that if she came to LCBH she would be in court litigating in no time.

Noah Magaram

Noah has always been interested in social justice and progressive politics. His senior quote in high school was “politics is the shadow cast upon society by big business.” He decided to go to law school at DePaul College of Law when he realized that attorneys could have more impact than only protecting powerful interests. In the winter of 2011, Noah came to LCBH as an attorney-of-the-day volunteer.