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Welcome to LCBH’s Blog. Our blog delivers original articles written by our staff, interns and volunteers. We strive to provide informative stories about the work we do on behalf of Chicago renters and the issues renters face.

Pro Bono Opportunities for Corporate Counsel

LCBH is partnering with the Association of Corporate Counsel and the law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius to host a day of pro bono training in late May. In-house attorneys from several Chicago-area companies will attend the program and learn about the latest developments impacting the rights of tenants in foreclosure. After the training, attendees will be able to volunteer with the LCBH Tenants in Foreclosure Helpline, delivering one-on-one legal advice and counseling services for tenants whose buildings have gone into foreclosure.

LCBH offers trainings and presentations on a number of issues affecting renters including renters’ rights, foreclosure, and fair housing. Trainings are designed for specific audiences to provide pertinent information. Whether you are an attorney, housing advocate, social worker, community organizer, landlord, or renter, our trainings will provide you with valuable and useful information.

If you’re interested in scheduling a training or presentation, please contact us at (312) 347-7600 for more information.

We Love Pro Bono

We Love Pro Bono

The scope and depth of LCBH’s advocacy for Chicago’s most vulnerable residents would not be possible without the efforts of its volunteers.

The volunteer opportunities at LCBH range from foreclosure counseling to litigating start to finish cases in eviction court, with flexible scheduling to accommodate your schedule.

Come aboard with LCBH and lend your support, time, and talents to low income renters in the Chicagoland area.

For more information on becoming a Pro Bono volunteer with LCBH please contact Pro Bono Coordinator, Samira Nazem, [email protected]

Foreclosure Brochures Updated

With last year’s passage of Chicago’s Protecting Tenants in Foreclosed Rental Property Ordinance and Illinois Public Act 098-0514, both of which amend foreclosure law, LCBH staff members have been busy updating our foreclosure materials. The most notable and sought after of these are our foreclosure brochures for both statewide renters and those living in the City of Chicago.

The updated brochures include crucial explanations of the rights and responsibilities of renters who are living in a foreclosed property. The brochures provide introductions to the new legal protections under the relevant laws, as well as a brief self-help guide to understanding the legal timeline of a foreclosure and how to determine whether a foreclosure has taken place. Most importantly, the brochures contain contact information for LCBH’s Tenants in Foreclosure Helpline: Chicago: (312) 784-3507. Both brochures are available in English and Spanish. The Chicago version of the brochure is also available online in Chinese and Polish.

The brochures provide an excellent first-step guide for renters, offering information to foster understanding of the often mystifying foreclosure process. LCBH is confident these updated materials will play a key role in our outreach efforts throughout Chicago and across Illinois.

Hearts for Housing - Thank You

On March 7th, LCBH’s Young Professionals Board presented our 9th annual Hearts for Housing fundraiser. Kirkland & Ellis has generously hosted this event for the last five years and they really outdo themselves in support of safe and decent housing in Chicago. Their beautiful conference space was bursting with a sold-out crowd!

A special thanks to the hard work and contributions of our Young Professionals Board, Board of Directors, sponsors, raffle donors, staff and to all who attended to make this the most successful Hearts for Housing event yet! It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when people come together to improve our community!

Over 230 people attended this great event and had a fantastic time playing cards to support affordable housing in Chicago! A diverse group of local businesses donated 62 quality raffle prizes—contributing to the most successful Hearts for Housing event in our history! With the tremendous support from all involved, LCBH netted over $90,000 that will go directly to program services that assist those most vulnerable in our Chicago community who are facing debilitating housing issues.

Thank you!

Event Co-Chairs

On the Road with LCBH

Welcome to East St. Louis

LCBH is primarily known as a Chicago legal aid agency, but with special funding from Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA), LCBH is able to provide foreclosure expertise throughout the state. LCBH staff members are often on the road raising awareness about the rights of renters caught up in the foreclosure crisis. Recently, LCBH staff travelled downstate to the city of East St. Louis to visit with elected officials, social service providers, and religious leaders.

At each stop, LCBH staff discussed the foreclosure crisis and how it has impacted each community and were able to provide information about the rights renters have when confronted with the threat of losing their homes as a result of a foreclosure of their rental property. LCBH outreach staff members were warmly received by city officials and civic leaders, state senators and representatives, and US Congressman William Enyart. Staff also visited the St. Clair County Courthouse in nearby Belleville to provide resources for the judiciary and the self help desks at the courthouse law library, and met with Judge McGlynn, who runs the foreclosure docket, and Judge Rudoph, who runs the eviction docket. Both judges responded very positively to LCBH materials and felt they would be a valuable tool in helping local area renters.

This year LCBH’s Supportive Services program is very fortunate to have six amazing interns to help us out: Lizzie Buehler, Caitlin Cubbon, Katy Fohrman, Shannon Skahan, Sally Walstrom, and Blake Wilkinson.

Dan Parish with Jeremy Snodgrass

Most people think of summer as a time for picnics, pools, and popsicles. For some of our dedicated volunteers, however, summertime meant pro bono time!

LCBH paired up with two different law firms over the summer to create pro bono opportunities for summer associate law students. Summer associates from Brinks Gilson & Lione and Jones Day worked with senior associates and partners within their firms to handle cases screened and supervised by an LCBH staff attorney. Each summer associate was able to work directly with clients to help resolve difficult housing situations through negotiation, motion writing, and their first court appearances.

We’d like to share one story that had a particularly wonderful outcome. A team of pro bono attorneys from Brinks Gilson & Lione represented June and her five children in an eviction court case. June and her family had lived in their apartment building, subsidized by the Chicago Housing Authority, for several years. The family had never had any serious problems with management, and June liked the apartment’s proximity to her children’s school. However, in the early summer everything changed when June received an eviction notice from her landlord. The notice accused June of (1) allowing a friend to stay overnight in the apartment for three days, (2) propping open the back door of the building, and (3) damaging the gate to the building.

LCBH President Tony Hopp, IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan and LCBH Executive Director Cheryl Lawrence

In response to a growing need for legal aid to renters in foreclosure throughout Illinois, AG Madigan announced a significant grant, as part of the Illinois foreclosure settlement for LCBH to sustain and expand the foreclosure work that started in 2008 and continues to affect thousands of renters each year. This grant will increase staff by 3 attorneys, and 3 support staff to greatly expand the services and state-wide impact of LCBH’s Tenants in Foreclosure Project.

At the LCBH Annual Reception and Awards Ceremony, held on Sept. 27th at Jenner & Block, AG Madigan’s keynote speech gave a visceral narrative of the realities that Illinois renters face in a foreclosure crisis.

“When a building enters into foreclosure, its tenants are often thrown into a kind of legal limbo where their rights are either ignored or they are even overtly violated. Consequently, in recent years huge numbers of low income tenants have had their utilities shut off, they’ve received improper eviction notices if receiving them at all, or they have come home and they’ve simply been locked out of their homes. And when this happens, many of those people are able to turn to LCBH for help. LCBH not only helps them understand and enforce their full rights under the law, you also help displaced tenants find new housing and you work with buildings and new owners to preserve affordable units”.

E-Filing in Cook County

E-Filing in Cook County

Other jurisdictions have been e-filing for years, and it has finally come to the Cook County Civil Division! E-Filing allows attorneys and pro se litigants to file documents with the Circuit Court online instead of having to go in-person to the clerk’s office. Among the many advantages of e-filing, users can file documents any time of the day, even during weekends and holidays. Users can also schedule motions through the e-filing service and pay court fees by credit card.

E-filing’s major disadvantage is that users are charged a vendor fee for each transaction, including filings for which the clerk does not collect a fee. These charges are prohibitive for most legal aid agencies, including LCBH, to fully utilize this service.

E-filing, if it ever becomes financially viable for legal aid agencies or provides fee waivers for low-income litigants, has the potential to substantially increase capacity for organizations with limited support staff. Instead of sending attorneys and paralegals to wait in line for 30-45 minutes every day, filing can be done with the click of a mouse, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Intern Spotlight: Michael Griffin

Michael (center) pictured with staff attorneys Frank Avellone (left) and Noah Magaram (right)

Michael Griffin is a third-year law student at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Looking for litigation experience, Michael found LCBH’s internship posting on the Illinois Legal Aid Online website ( As a long-time Chicago renter, he had an interest in landlord-tenant law and thought it would be a good fit. We did too, and Michael joined our team of legal interns in the fall of 2012.

“When I started, I really didn’t know the difference between a motion and a pleading,” recounts Michael. However, Michael was given real cases immediately and was drafting both motions and pleadings within a few weeks. He was encouraged to dive into assignments, learn the procedural and substantive laws, and confer with senior LCBH attorneys who could assist with creating a better work product.

“I really appreciate that I’ve gotten such great practical experience,” said Michael, who recently won his first jury trial (see story this issue). “A lot of attorneys never set foot in a court room, let alone chair and win a jury trial.” LCBH staff attorney Noah Magaram supported Michael’s interests and was soon sending him cases that had jury potential for preparation.”