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Savvy Renter

(1) Know Your Neighbors

  • Speak in the hallways, elevators, or laundry room. This will help you to stay on top of any new developments in the building, i.e. foreclosure, renovations, rent increases, etc.
  • For elderly renters, knowing your neighbors can be very beneficial in the case of an emergency or if you need someone close by to check on you occasionally.
  • Learn if your building already hosts regular meetings or has some has some sort of tenant’s union. If so, join this group. If not, start one.

(2) Know Your Landlord (or Building Manager)

  • It will be easier to ask for help or be up front with your landlord if you have any trouble with the building or your unit.
  • If you understand your landlord’s demeanor you will be more able to avoid conflict.
  • Even if your relationship with your landlord is not great, difficult landlords are often more willing to work with people that they know.

(3) Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

LCBH in the Community

LCBH at Howard Area Community Center (HACC)
Samira & Aileen present at HACC

LCBH attorneys Samira Nazem and Aileen Flanagan (pictured), recently spoke with an ESL class at the Howard Area Community Center (HACC) in Rogers Park about housing issues including landlord and tenant responsibilities, maintenance problems, evictions and lockouts, and foreclosure.

The class is made up of recent immigrant adults to the United States who are trying to improve their literacy and comprehension skills.

Referral information and fact sheets were also shared with the group. Megan Thompson, an AmeriCorps VISTA with LCBH, is a volunteer tutor for the community center and helped organize the event.