What Your Support Provides Ways Your Donation Can Help

When you partner with LCBH to ensure that hard working, lower income families have a safe and secure place to call home, your investment not only helps renters but shows your commitment to our community, working to keep the vitality that weaves the fabric of Chicago’s neighborhoods. Donations to LCBH aid families facing homelessness by providing legal advocacy, representation in eviction and housing courts, and offering supportive social services that help with emergency financial assistance, locating affordable housing, employment, and other appropriate services and programs.

For more than 30 years, LCBH has promoted the rights of all renters to have access to safe, decent, accessible and affordable housing on a non-discriminatory basis. Together we can provide:

Legal Representation. Most renters appear in court without an attorney are often evicted after spending less than five minutes before the judge, and given little time to move out. Our attorneys provide eviction court defense for clients, most of whom are single mothers, elderly, or are disabled or have a disabled family member. Our attorneys also work to improve building and apartment conditions, where substandard and unsafe conditions are present.

Education. The Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project (TFIP) provides a statewide toll-free hotline (855-207-8347) for renters facing foreclosures, and offers workshops for attorneys, community advocates, and renters. The Fair Housing Program offers training for housing providers, renters, community organizations, and the public.

Advocacy. The Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP), with the assistance of pro bono attorneys, advocates on behalf of renters who have been locked out of their homes by their landlord, whose utilities have been illegally shut off, and tenants facing other serious issues. Through increasing policy efforts, LCBH has advocated for the drafting and passage of a city ordinance increasing renter protections in foreclosures, an amendment to Cook County’s Human Rights Ordinance to ensure Housing Choice Voucher holders are protected from discrimination based on their source of income, and the introduction and passage of an amendment to the Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law which extends federal law protections of the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (PTFA) to Illinois.

Outreach. LCBH provides assistance for tenants in foreclosure through its help desk at the Daley Center, and offers workshops for renters and community advocates about renters’ rights and the foreclosure process.

Supportive services. LCBH provides a more holistic plan of assistance for renters who are most at risk of homelessness, to remove barriers that can help clients move from a path leading to homelessness to one of stabilized housing.