2009 Foreclosure Report Chicago Apartment Building Foreclosures: Impact on Tenants

April 2010

The foreclosure crisis has received close attention; however, there is insufficient examination of how this crisis has negatively affected tenants who rent units from landlords facing foreclosure. Particularly in urban areas with large rental populations, the impact of foreclosure on tenants has the potential to destabilize entire communities. Tenants are the invisible victims of foreclosure—they are often uninformed of their buildings’ foreclosures, frequently face severe violations of their rights, and consequently lose their housing stability.

Through the creation of the Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project (TFIP), the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (LCBH) sought to advocate on behalf of tenants facing the confusion and injustice that often accompanies foreclosure, and to inform tenants, owners, community organizers, and policy makers of tenants’ rights during foreclosure. In 2009, TFIP began compiling data regarding foreclosure filings on Chicago’s multi‐family apartment buildings in order to generate “Weekly Foreclosure Reports on Chicago Rental Housing.” The 2009 Report, “Chicago Apartment Building Foreclosures: Impact on Tenants,” summarizes what TFIP has learned from working with the data and day‐to‐day work with tenants and community advocates.