Affordable Housing Preservation Program

Preserve and protect safe, accessible, and affordable housing.

Through the Affordable Housing Preservation Program (AHPP), LCBH works to increase the availability of safe, decent and affordable rental housing through legal assistance and education. Chicago renters are
suffering an affordable housing crisis on a massive scale. While the percentage of Chicago households opting to rent has risen, the available stock of rental housing has not grown enough to meet the demand
and is not expected to any time soon.

To ensure that Chicago's already scarce affordable housing stock is not further depleted, LCBH advocates on behalf of tenant unions and small groups of renters in foreclosure properties, as well as other buildings faced with building-wide issues. LCBH educates renters on their rights under the Keep Chicago Renting ordinance and the Residential Landlord and Tenant ordinance; negotiates with recalcitrant landlords to improve conditions issues; and represents tenants in court or administrative hearings to assert their right to live in rental housing that is code compliant. LCBH's work is critical keeping buildings with affordable units online and viable, and ensuring low-income families are not forced out of their units. In 2016, LCBH worked to preserve 20 buildings (that's 315 affordable rental units!) in Chicago.