Without my LCBH Attorney, I Would Have Been Homeless

Michael: Without my LCBH Attorney, I Would Have Been Homeless

Our client, "Michael," worked hard throughout his career to save for retirement. He was enjoying his new home in a senior living facility and volunteering his services by working at his building's front desk.

Unfortunately, Michael began experiencing problems with a fellow tenant. Michael was eventually removed from the front desk volunteer position to reduce the potential for interaction but received a thank you letter from the building manager for his service. The tenant's complaints continued. However, after living through months of unprovoked conflict, Michael's health had begun to suffer, and he developed depression. Finally, through a lawyer, the tenant made false allegations against Michael to the senior living facility's management.

Without any meaningful investigation, Michael was served with a "notice to terminate" that offered him ten days to refute the claims made. He followed up multiple times to do so, but no one returned his phone calls. He asked his building manager, "Did you advocate for me?" The manager replied, "Michael, it doesn’t matter; no one listens to me."

Then Michael received a summons to eviction court.

He quickly turned to the internet to try to understand what was happening and how to proceed. After seeing statistics about eviction rates, Michael was petrified. When his search turned up information about the Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing's services, he called immediately.

After sharing his situation, they scheduled Michael for an intake appointment. He brought all of the documentation he had to LCBH, and within 24 hours, they assigned him an attorney. "It was like the dark skies parted," Michael shares. "Everyone there was truly, truly supportive towards me, mentally, physically, and emotionally."

LCBH represented Michael in court, where his case ended with a favorable settlement that enabled him to remain in his home at the senior living facility. Over the facility management's initial objections, LCBH was able to seal the eviction proceedings from public view so that Michael would not experience issues looking for future rentals. LCBH also assisted with Chicago Housing Authority communications, to preserve Michael's subsidy after he received a notice of intent to terminate his voucher due to the eviction filing. Facility management later asked Michael to appear in a case against the tenant who had made the false allegations.

"It was an 18 month-long, excruciating experience. Now my stress is lower, my depression is gone, my doctor is happy, and most importantly, I’m happy," he shares. As part of Michael's settlement, LCBH included a mandate that the building had to renew his lease this past July, which has brought him great peace of mind.

"I was on the edge of the abyss, and I would have been homeless. But instead of just running, I fought, and I won. I could not have done it without the professionalism, compassion, and fortitude that LCBH and my attorney provided," Michael says