University of Chicago – Summer Links

This summer, LCBH is hosting its first student from the University of Chicago’s Summer Links program. This is another addition to the growing list of schools and programs that are sending students to LCBH to learn about Chicago’s housing issues and get real-world experience working with clients who are at high risk of homelessness without legal and supportive service intervention. Summer Links is an intensive 10-week, paid internship program for 30 returning undergraduate and graduate students committed to public service, community building and social change. Started in 1997 and sponsored by the Dean of the College, Summer Links has placed over 450 students in substantive internships with more than 200 nonprofit and public sector organizations throughout the Chicago area.

Summer Links challenges students to go beyond the classroom to expand their definition of “readings” to include relationships, interactions, and observations; and to confront one another’s perspectives and experiences. Summer Links’ interns extend the classroom to the community, put theory into practice, and then become their peers’ link to the wider community of Chicago once they return to classes in the fall.

When asked why Summer Links chose LCBH, Director Trudi Langendorf said, “It’s not so hard for anyone to make the connection, once they know about your programs at LCBH. We like to have organizations that touch on various issues that connect to our programs over the summer and housing is one of them. LCBH offers great opportunities for a student to do something that would allow her to look at housing from another perspective.” Thank you to Trudi and the Summer Links program for sending LCBH one of your outstanding students!!!

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