Robinson Brings NYC Expertise to Advocacy Efforts

Sally Robinson and Illinois Supreme Court Justice P. Scott Neville, Jr.

After a somewhat lengthy process, our newest staff attorney Sally Robinson was recently sworn in to practice here in Illinois.

Sally joined LCBH in May after moving to Chicago from New York City, where she held staff attorney and supervisory positions as a tenant-side housing advocate. Most recently, she was a managing attorney in housing at Legal Services of New York City, an organization that saw unprecedented growth in the wake of the New York passage of right to counsel for housing cases.

That experience is proving extremely beneficial. While waiting out the admittance process, in addition to her supervised assistance in eviction defense cases, Sally has been involved in LCBH’s advocacy work around Right to Counsel and Just Cause.

From LCBH's Chicago Evictions Data Portal: Between 2010 and 2017, 79% of landlords in eviction cases had attorneys, while only 11% of tenants did. Without an attorney, the likelihood that an eviction order will be entered against a tenant is about 62%; with an attorney, it’s about 45%. In other words, by having an attorney, tenants decreased their odds of getting an eviction order by about 25%. Read the report: Opening the Door on Chicago Evictions: Legal Aid Attorney’s Make the Difference.

Working with Mark Swartz, Frank Avellone, aldermen and city officials, Sally is contributing her expertise to Chicago’s Right to Counsel proposal, a guarantee of representation for those summoned to eviction court. Sally can attest to the impact this legislation had in New York, as she was witness to her organization's attorney hiring, training and scheduling process as they quickly doubled their staff size to provide tenant assistance once that city passed that mandate.

Sally also represents LCBH in the Lift the Ban coalition, which is working to repeal preemption on rent control and institute state rent control. She has been involved in recent neighborhood awareness events and will visit Springfield to help educate legislators.

Join us in congratulating Sally for being admitted to the Illinois Bar and let her know if you have questions about or would like to get involved in LCBH’s advocacy efforts. You can reach Sally at [email protected].