A New Year (and a New Home)

Bey Family

Veronica Bey came to LCBH in May 2013 looking for help. Veronica, her father, and her four (soon to be five) children participated in the Housing Choice Voucher program. The apartment they were living in was no longer eligible for the program because of failed apartment inspections by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and, as a result, the landlord evicted the Bey family from their home. With the help of the LCBH legal team, Veronica and her family were able to reach a settlement that provided the family with additional time to move out. Housing Choice Voucher holders often encounter difficulty in finding places to rent, and since the Beys were unable to find new housing by the agreed deadline an “Order of Possession” (eviction order) was entered against them.

At this point, the LCBH Supportive Services team stepped in to help. In July, the Beys located a suitable unit with a landlord who was willing to rent to them. The CHA was not able to issue the required moving papers until August and sadly, the landlord decided to rent to another family.

In that same month, Veronica gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. With the help of their friends, family and church, the Beys were able to temporarily move into an apartment above their church.

The Beys finally found an apartment in late October. The unit wasn’t part of the Housing Choice Voucher program, but the landlord liked the Beys, and he was willing to apply. The process for approving new landlords and their rental units can be quite lengthy and time-consuming. The LCBH Supportive Services team worked with the CHA to move the process along as quickly as possible. There was even an unexpected favor from a man at a title company who helped expedite the last step in the process by getting copies of the deed to the property and even absorbed the cost of doing the favor!

As December approached, the family was hopeful that they would finally have a new home. Unfortunately, the apartment failed the CHA housing inspection. The Beys were disheartened, but the LCBH Supportive Services team worked with the landlord and the CHA to get the issues resolved. Just a few days later, the apartment passed inspection and a rent offer was made.

Finally, the Beys got the go ahead to move into their new apartment – a wonderful Christmas gift for the entire family! By January 1st, they had packed and moved into their new home. What a wonderful way to begin the New Year! LCBH was very happy as well to find solutions beyond the court to help the Bey family get on a solid path towards housing stability.