New Funding: Chicago Racial Justice Pooled Fund Grant Award

In December, LCBH partnered with the Chicago Housing Justice League (CHJL) to submit a grant through the Chicago Racial Justice Pooled Fund (the Fund), a commitment from thirteen foundations to raise and move $3M to Chicago organizations building and sustaining movements for justice that center Black lives and address anti-Blackness. In January, LCBH and CHJL were notified that the application had been awarded. In 2021, LCBH will serve as the fiscal sponsor and the CHJL will be awarded $40,000 to continue their work of bringing multiple organizing and advocacy groups together to fight for real changes for housing and racial justice and support the adoption and implementation of people-first policies and programs that improve and stabilize majority Black or Latinx neighborhoods so families can thrive.

Since its inception, the League has been supported through in-kind contributions of time, meeting space, supplies and resources from its member organizations, with LCBH providing considerable voluntary contributions to its development and maintenance. The CHJL has been able to accomplish many things using this model, but the League and its members will benefit greatly from a dedicated Program Coordinator. This new funding will be put towards hiring a staffer to oversee the administrative and programmatic activities of CHJL, which will build the League’s capacity, create a sound leadership structure, and sustain its programmatic work.

Said League member Diane Limas from Communities United, "All of us at the League are thrilled to receive this funding from the Chicago Racial Justice Pooled Fund. The grant will allow us to expand our work of prompting and monitoring the City's use of a racial equity lens in housing programs; challenging assumptions regarding the path to healthy, stable neighborhoods; and changing the public narrative to recognize the effects of 'housing is a human right'."

The CHJL is now accepting applications for this position. Click here to download the job posting.