LCBH Case Manager Now A Licensed Social Worker

Umair Naseer, LCBH Case Manager

We are excited to announce that Umair Naseer recently received his social work license. A former supportive services intern, Naseer began his professional career at LCBH as a Case Manager. He is committed to using his values and skills to help clients navigate housing insecurity successfully.

What influenced your decision to be a social worker?
Prior to studying sociology in undergrad, I worked as a teaching assistant. I've always wanted to work in a setting where I could help people. That helped guide my decision. I found that exploring social work provided more jobs that suited my goal. I graduated with a Masters in Social Work in May 2021 and decided that the next formal step was to obtain licensure.

How did you become affiliated with LCBH?
I interned with LCBH during my studies at the University of Illinois in Chicago. After finishing my last semester, I permanently joined the organization. I was excited to take on a full-time position as a Court-based Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) Case Manager.

What are some of your responsibilities at LCBH?
As a Case Manager, my responsibilities include assisting tenants facing eviction with emergency rental assistance resources. My daily goal is to help as many tenants as possible resolve unpaid rent claims and achieve greater housing stability. Now that I have my license, I have a more hands-on role with the supervision of our interns. This is the direction I planned on going. With my LSW, I’m more qualified to deliver more specific services and build additional connections for referral purposes. Going forward, I'm excited to take on more responsibilities and grow within my current role.

What about LCBH’s mission resonates with you?
LCBH’s commitment to helping underserved communities is one that drew me to this career path. I now have a better understanding of the barriers that a lot of our clients face in obtaining rental assistance and the forces that create distressed communities. I believe this allows for a better understanding of Chicago’s eviction problem. I take pride in helping to make these resources simpler and more accessible.