LCBH Board Member, Paul Steadman

LCBH Board Member, Paul Steadman

Where are you at in your career right now?
I’m a senior partner at DLA Piper, where I’ve been for 10 years now. I’m married with three kids and I live in the West suburbs. I’m at a point in my career where I can assist and enable others to better manage their affairs, and create a stronger community as a result.

What is your involvement outside of LCBH?
I currently serve as the Chairman of Enrollment for Trinity High School’s Board of Directors. Trinity is an all girl’s school in River Forest, IL. This is my 6th and last year serving. I also serve on the board for the Chicago Justice project, an organization that uses various methods to collect Illinois government data on the criminal justice system. I’ve been litigating for them for about six years. Additionally, I previously served for over ten years on the board for Lawyers for Creative arts, as I have a solid background in Intellectual Property law. LCBH however, is my largest time commitment.

How did you become affiliated with LCBH?
I’ve done pro bono work with the organization for about seven or so years on a number of legal projects, so I was all-in when the opportunity presented itself.

How do you feel connected to the mission?
My wife and I are firm believers in helping those in need and we try to practice what we preach. Collectively, we have skills, time and resources, and we are committed to sharing them with others who are facing challenges in their lives. My wife has specifically remained dedicated to the cause of homelessness, as she has family members who have wrestled with housing instability. She previously served on the board for Housing Opportunities for Women. We’ve hosted a homeless woman in our home and done other work in this area. It’s always called to us.

What do you hope to achieve while on the board?
My goal is to contribute to the overall mission of providing hope and stability for renters living on the margins. Otherwise, I’ve done a lot of work with the Freedom of Information Act and I hope to use that experience and my expertise to contribute in some way. I serve at the pleasure of LCBH, which is a unique opportunity to give back.