Intervening on Ruby’s Behalf


Ruby is a disabled, single mother and struggling to get by month to month. Financially, it helps that Ruby’s family lives in a subsidized building. Ruby recently fell behind on her rent payments because her building’s management company refused to accurately record the changes in her income and adjust her rent as required by the Chicago Housing Authority. This kept a balance on her rent account and the management company consistently refused to make the necessary adjustments and through these disputes Ruby fell further behind on her rent. Ruby received a series of termination notices that did not accurately state her rental rate, rent payments, or her outstanding balance. Upon receiving each termination notice, Ruby approached management in an attempt to clear up any inconsistencies but to no avail. Her plan was to repay any deficiency in the rent she might owe but management refused to accept any payments or to meet with Ruby to resolve the matter. After months of run around, the management company filed an eviction case against Ruby. Fearful of losing her home, Ruby came to LCBH seeking legal assistance.

LCBH intervened on Ruby’s behalf to avert the eviction and reach a settlement with the management company. The settlement allowed Ruby to remain in her apartment as long as she made timely installments as outlined in her rent repayment plan. Ruby tried to save what she could during the course of the case but her obligations under the settlement resulted in a financial strain on her household. Now, it looked like Ruby and her kids might lose their home after all. LCBH looked for ways to help Ruby keep her home. After some calls, LCBH was able to secure an anonymous grant that offered her the one-time assistance and safety net she would need to meet this unexpected financial burden. Ruby is ecstatic for this assistance and knowing she will not have to move her family. LCBH is also most grateful to this donor for helping us find a solution that indeed kept a family intact, and from possibly winding up in a shelter. Ruby has now been able to keep up on her rental payments!