Interested in doing more to support Fair Housing?

April is Fair Housing Month

Interested in doing more to support Fair Housing and LCBH Alumnus Patricia Fron’s work?

LCBH and CAFHA are among the lead organizers in the Illinois Coalition for Fair Housing, formed to add "Source of Income" as a type of discrimination to the Illinois Human Rights Act (HB 2755)(Ford). Prohibition against Source of Income discrimination protects tenants who pay their rent with funds from Social Security, child support, Veteran’s benefits, and Housing Choice Vouchers. This bill would assist approximately 99,000 Housing Choice Voucher participants and more than 575,000 households earning non-wage income such as SSI, SSDI, TANF, or child support in Illinois (outside of Cook County). The Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly known as "Section 8"), is HUD’s largest program to help tenants with low incomes pay their rent. Unlike other subsidized housing, the voucher program holds the promise of not just making housing affordable – it can be a tool for social and economic mobility for tenants. Unfortunately, discrimination against voucher-holders is rampant, denying the social mobility promise of the voucher program and sometimes even causing tenants to lose their vouchers. For more information and to help us get this bill passed, visit: