An Inclusive Approach to Eviction Court

Sharing information

LCBH’s Attorney of the Day (AOD) program represents more than 300 families in eviction court each year. LCBH has found that by providing education about the eviction process to our client, having a frank discussion of the merits of his or her case, and identifying a common goal to work toward, it can work cases more effectively and thus take on more of them.

Most of our clients come to us having little or no idea how eviction court works and many have never before been represented by a lawyer. People with little to no experience with the judicial system can often have misconceptions and unrealistic expectations about their legal remedy.

Imagine how startled you would be if you went back and forth to court, thinking you have a good case or maybe a chance at winning, and then suddenly your lawyer tells you that you’ve lost – or have to move out quickly or else!

In addition to helping tenants understand their rights and responsibilities, we also spend time explaining the rules and procedures of eviction court. It is important to us that our clients understand the expected timeline of their case and that they have an idea of how cases similar to theirs often resolve.

Education prepares the client with a solid framework for when their attorney starts to talk strategy and provides a realistic foundation from which to set expectations. The AOD team works together with clients on managing expectations by developing a case strategy in which both attorney and client take an active role. Clients attend strategy meetings and are given “homework” during the course of litigation to understand and be engaged in the progress of the case to and stay focused on the original agreed goal. This way, even tenants with a life setback who have no viable defenses can expect – and get – the best possible outcomes.