Healthy Housing Chicago

Kira Wilpone-Welborn

LCBH is taking the fight for better housing to the next level with something new we would like to tell you about. LCBH is teaming up with Loretto Hospital and PCC Community Wellness Center and creating a medical-legal partnership called Healthy Housing Chicago.

By working with the medical teams to help identify renters living is unhealthy environments and by integrating legal representation into the patient’s continuum of care, LCBH’s legal response will shift from crisis management to early intervention and prevention.

Healthy Housing Chicago will provide a range of legal interventions for renters with the goal of improving overall health outcomes of individual patients by addressing related housing issues.

Kira Wilpone-Welborn, a legal fellow with LCBH who is working first hand on implementing this new program shares a story about one of our clients.

Introduction and Narration
Cheryl Lawrence, Executive Director

Kira Wilpone-Welborn, Legal Fellow

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