Foreclosure - A Renter's Story

Mars Caulton

Mars Caulton lives in Chicago and is a preschool teacher. Mars is the mother of her 12 year old son named Jelani. After finding out the apartment she had called home for over 10 years had gone into foreclosure, she called the LCBH Tenants in Foreclosure Helpline for assistance.

Thanks to the legal representation provided to Mars by LCBH (along with Jeremy Dunnaback and Chris Tompkins from Jenner & Block), Mars now has a place for herself and her son to call home.

Since 2008, LCBH has worked to ensure that the laws protecting renters are upheld throughout the foreclosure process. LCBH provides legal representation, advocacy, and educational workshops for a variety of stakeholders including attorneys, community advocates, and renters. LCBH works diligently to preserve affordable housing units that are being lost to foreclosure throughout the neighborhoods of Chicago.

Frank Avellone, Supervising Attorney

Mars Caulton, Chicago Renter

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