Foreclosure, Eviction, Bad Credit and Bad Luck


In 2009, Veeda, a teacher with two children, was living in an apartment building that went into foreclosure. During the foreclosure process, the landlord, dealing with his own financial problems, allowed the conditions of the building to deteriorate. Veeda found herself living without heat or hot water and mice had infested her unit. After several weeks of unsuccessful attempts at contacting her landlord to have the problems fixed, she began to withhold rent.

LCBH accepted Veeda’s case in November of 2009, and our diligent legal team settled Veeda’s case the following January. The agreement we reached waived all back rent (the rent Veeda had withheld), and stated that as long as Veeda moved out of her apartment by February 15th, the eviction case would be dismissed.

Unfortunately for Veeda, the eviction and back rent already appeared up on her credit report. As a result of this negative information, several prospective landlords would not rent to Veeda, and it took her a long time to find new housing. Most people know that a good credit report is needed to get a mortgage, take out a loan for college or a new car, or apply for a credit card. Yet many do not realize is that landlords often perform credit checks as part of their tenant screening process.

Eventually, Veeda was able to find a landlord willing to rent to her, but almost unbelievably, that building also went into foreclosure. Once again, Veeda was evicted by no fault of her own, and found herself again struggling to find a landlord that would rent to her.

Thankfully, Veeda and her childern are now living in a new apartment. The credit report issue still follows Veeda, and she continues to work with the credit reporting agencies to have the misinformation corrected.