Fellow Spotlight: Jordan Carey

Jordan Carey

Since 2008, Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (LCBH) awards the Edwin J. Brach and Hazel Bertram Brodie Fellowship to a recent law school graduate who has shown a commitment to LCBH's mission of promoting the rights of tenants to safe, decent, and accessible affordable housing. The legal fellowship supports a law student or recent law graduate in service to low-income tenants. We are proud to announce that the 2015 recipient of this fellowship is Jordan Carey!

Jordan's first encounter with LCBH took place back in the summer of 2013. After graduating from the University of Miami Law School, Jordan yearned for colder and snowier pastures and returned to the Chicagoland area where he was raised. A friend of a friend brought him to an LCBH event in Millennium Park where he met LCBH staff and learned about their work. Now, almost two years later, Jordan has become a familiar face around the LCBH office having volunteered over 1300 hours.

Jordan was initially attracted to LCBH because of the opportunity to get real courtroom experience and responsibility as a volunteer, while making a difference in someone's life. During his time at LCBH, Jordan has worked on dozens of eviction cases. He has negotiated cash-for-keys settlements that allowed tenants in foreclosed properties to avoid eviction and get financial assistance to help with moving costs. He helped a tenant navigate the process of purchasing a property from the foreclosing financial institution. He has helped seal several eviction cases so tenants’ credit ratings would not suffer simply because they had the misfortune of renting an apartment from a landlord who couldn't pay the mortgage. He worked with a tenant who, after a fire, had to evacuate his apartment but was experiencing difficulties recovering his possessions from the unit.

Every legal aid attorney has a few stories to tell, and Jordan is no different. Last year, he represented Brynn Murray, a single mother with three children in an eviction case. Ms. Murray lived in an apartment that had fallen into disrepair. The ceilings leaked, radiators were broken, electrical outlets were uncovered and the chipping paint posed a threat to her children. If that was not enough, the lock was broken and the landlord was accessing the unit while she was gone and had been using her bathroom. At one point, she came home to find that someone had moved her children's toys and taken a shower in her bathtub while she was out. Fed up, Brynn demanded repairs from the landlord. Instead of making the repairs, Brynn's landlord filed an eviction case against her. With Jordan's help, her eviction case was dropped, she was able to get the time she needed to find a new home for her family, and to move without an eviction on her record.