Farihah Syed - Comings & Goings

Farihah Syed joined LCBH in July 2021 as our new Rentervention Staff Attorney. We are so excited to welcome her to the team. We recently sat down with Farihah to talk about her background in the legal field.

What have you done prior to joining LCBH?
I graduated from Chicago-Kent in May of 2019. I specialized in criminal prosecution in and out of law school. Following graduation, I served as a law clerk at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office Juvenile Delinquency, Child Protection, and Felony Trial divisions. I also was a City prosecutor law clerk at the City of Chicago Department of Law.

How did you become affiliated with LCBH?
I saw a great opportunity as LCBH’s Rentervention Staff Attorney and was interested in seeing what it was about. I reached out and LCBH showed interest in having me on the team.

How do you feel connected to the mission?
I feel like I'm genuinely helping people who are dealing with difficult circumstances and providing them with some semblance of justice. It’s a very fulfilling role. I like that I'm helping people navigate difficult times in their lives. This is most important for me.

Can you explain what your work looks like on a daily basis?
I have a calendar where clients can set up appointments on their own and I give them a call to talk about some of the issues that they're dealing with in their apartments and try to find immediate solutions for them. So far, I've learned to be more empathetic and to deescalate high emotions quickly in my role.

What are your career goals?
I am a fairly new lawyer, but I have always wanted to be a public servant and a litigator. While at LCBH, I hope to get more acquainted with the law and communicate with clients even better.