Colin Cordes, new LCBH Board Member

Colin Cordes, LCBH Board Member

We are excited to welcome Colin Cordes as a new LCBH Board Member. Colin brings years of experience in finance and healthcare to the organization. He is excited to use his robust business background to help LCBH to identify opportunities to expand. We recently sat down with Colin to learn what drew him to pursue board service with LCBH.

How were you connected with LCBH?
I found out about LCBH through an organization called Board Lead that matches people interested in community service with nonprofits that need additional board members. Board Lead teaches you how boards operate and prepares you for various responsibilities, roles and opportunities to lend your input. LCBH liked my profile. I talked with a few staff and board members and I was ready to join.

What have you done prior to working with LCBH?
My background is in business. I have bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics from Indiana University, and a master’s degree in public health from University of Missouri. I’ve worked for four different companies in healthcare consulting, mainly working in IT. A lot of my work focused on providing and implementing best solutions and strategizing and sorting through financial touchpoints between patients and providers. I currently work for Olive AI, where automation is key. Our goal is to make healthcare cost effective and smoother for everyone involved.

How do you feel connected to the mission?
Because a lot of my work consists of bringing down the cost of care, it's easy for me to understand why affordable housing is so vital. There's a lot of overlap between public health and housing, homelessness and health outcomes. LCBH ensures a positive downstream of solutions.

What perspective do you bring to the LCBH board as a non-attorney board member?
I bring an outsider’s perspective. I pay close attention to how funding looks. I have critical eye for analyzing income statements and balance sheets, which is not lawyer specific. I provide expertise to the finance committee.

What do you like about being on the board?
We have a well-rounded group of people with sharp minds. People ask the right questions. I’m honored to be a part of guiding the strategy of an organization that has impact in areas outside of my wheelhouse.

What do you hope to achieve while on the board?
I hope to be a conduit to exploring partnerships with healthcare organizations