CAFHA: A Valued Partner in the Fight for Fair Housing


The Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance (CAFHA) is a consortium of fair housing and advocacy organizations, government agencies, and municipalities committed to the value of fair housing, diversity, and integration. CAFHA works to combat housing discrimination and promote integrated communities of opportunity through research, education, and advocacy.

LCBH has a longstanding partnership with CAFHA; Kathy Clark, retired LCBH Executive Director, formerly served on the board and now current LCBH Executive Director, Cheryl Lawrence, serves as board treasurer. LCBH Buildings Administrator Patricia Fron worked for CAFHA as the John Lukehart Public Policy Fellow throughout 2012, where she and a team of several other CAFHA members published reports on housing issues including segregation, land banking, and voucher discrimination.

Recently, CAHFA has been in the midst of conducting a year-long research project, the culmination of which will be a regional analysis of impediments to fair housing which is due to be released in early 2013. Through this report CAFHA aims to highlight the fair housing issues prevalent in the region and develop strategies to mitigate the impact of segregation.

LCBH highly values this partnership with CAFHA because it keeps the agency abreast of and engaged in housing policy initiatives. Members of our staff stay actively involved in all of CAFHA’s work from policy advocacy, to serving on subcommittees and planning educational seminars. CAFHA also provides a platform for our staff and volunteers to meet other leaders in the housing field and initiate collaborations and partnerships.

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