Anita Lewis, LCBH's New Director of Social Services

Anita Lewis, LCBH's New Director of Social Services

Anita Lewis has been named Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing's Director of Social Services. Lewis joins LCBH from Metropolitan Tenants Organization, an organization dedicated to educating and empowering tenants to exercise their rights to affordable and adequate housing. She has extensive experience in the field. We are happy to have Anita on board. Learn more about her story below.

What have you done prior to joining LCBH?
I have spent the last twenty plus years of my career in housing with a concentration in mental health and related instabilities. A large part of my experience has been mental health advocacy as it relates to the housing market. I previously worked at Metropolitan Tenants Organization (MTO) as the Associate Director. I then transitioned to Envision Unlimited, where I worked in the mental health division. I am still involved with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as an active volunteer, and I am also associated with Horizons for Youth and other local food pantries and distribution centers.

How did you get involved with LCBH?
MTO and LCBH had a strategic partnership. We collaborated on a lot of development work. We also did intakes and directed many of our clients to LCBH so that they could take advantage of legal services, as that was something that we did not provide. We were able to connect them with LCBH through a hotline.

How do you feel connected to LCBH’s mission?
I feel like LCBH’s mission is my life’s mission. I have prioritized this type of work throughout my entire life. I have tried to implement service to others throughout my life.

How has your transition been so far with LCBH?
It has been smooth because of my background in housing. Many of my clients at Envision were stably housed, so I wanted to move towards addressing issues of homelessness. I felt like it was necessary for me to begin to focus on people who need housing. I hope to achieve a better understanding of the programs that exist to help those dealing with housing instability. I also hope to further develop the social services component to meet the needs of many of our constituents that have broadened in recent times.