2014 Summer Supportive Services Interns

2014 Summer Supportive Services Interns

This summer LCBH has four undergraduate interns working in our Supportive Services Department. This is a BIG help as our graduate interns are only here during the regular school year from September until June. Without these students who come to spend their summer with us, LCBH would have a tough time offering the level of service our clients need. Here are a few highlights from each of the students:

Helena Bassett is interning at LCBH through the Summer Links program at the University of Chicago, where she is entering her third year. She is studying history and critical theory, and spends most of her time organizing with the student arm of the Trauma Center Coalition. Working with Supportive Services, Helena is crafting a survey to help get a clearer picture of tenants’ actual needs beyond legal help when they are accepted as an LCBH client. Right now, that means she gets to connect with some of the amazing tenants that have already gone through Supportive Services so that the tenants’ own perspectives help shape the survey and the direction of the program. “I believe that one of the most fundamental ways that asymmetrical power structures are expressed is through the often unjust relationship between tenant and landlord. Working at LCBH shows me one of the avenues possible for challenging that structure.”

Dana Levy is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan studying elementary education. She enjoys working directly with people and has worked at summer camps as well as schools in the past. Her favorite part of interning at LCBH has been getting to hear the amazing stories that each person has to offer. She has said that the experience of helping with these individuals is rewarding and creates a great work atmosphere. She cannot wait to see what else LCBH has to offer in her remaining time here!

Tim Meyer is going into his junior year at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is studying history. Tim, a Chicago area native, is excited to be back in Chicago for the summer, interning at LCBH, and staying out of the Texas summer heat. Tim has really enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with tenants, listening to their stories, and assisting them in their efforts. He has found working with tenants to be an incredibly valuable experience, and he has appreciated the opportunity to work with all of the great people at LCBH.

Theresa Yuan is an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, majoring in Political Science with a special focus on immigration policy and how high-level government policies displace vulnerable populations. As a Massachusetts native, she's thrilled to be living and working in Chicago for the summer. She says, “My favorite aspect of working with LCBH is the part that doesn't feel like work: getting to know our tenants and listening to their stories. Every day I'm learning how LCBH and our tenant families empower each other to form a cohesive community.” In her free time, she shoots arrows with her school's Archery Team and shoots self-scripted (albeit radically low-budget) movies with friends.

Welcome to all our summer interns, we hope you have a great time with LCBH.