2014 Intern of the Year Award

Jordan Carey, Guadalupe Angulo and Blake Wilkinson

Jordan Carey, Guadalupe Angulo and Blake Wilkinson

The Intern of the Year Award is given to an individual intern who has spent time at LCBH learning about the work we do, going above and beyond the call of duty. This year interns are recognized in the following three categories: supportive, paralegal, and legal services.

Jordan Carey (Legal)
Jordan Carey joined LCBH as a Legal Fellow in August 2013 after graduating from the University of Miami School of Law. Over the last year, Jordan has been one of LCBH’s most dedicated volunteers spending over 600 hours working with the Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project. In addition to representing clients in eviction court, Jordan also staffs the Tenants in Foreclosure Help Desk and provides direct counseling services to pro se litigants facing eviction. Jordan has stayed with LCBH before, during, and after his bar exam studies because he truly enjoys the work and making a difference in peoples’ lives. His favorite part of the job is appearing in court on behalf of clients and providing them with a voice in the courtroom.

Guadalupe Angulo (Paralegal)
Guadalupe Angulo came to LCBH via an internship for her paralegal program with Roosevelt University. Her work was excellent, she always showed initiative, and was able to work without close supervision. Not only was she self-motivated, Guadalupe’s independent work was almost always error-free. According to Legal Support Administrator, Eileen Mulrenin, “Guadalupe’s most valuable quality is probably her ability to learn very quickly. She gained a comprehensive knowledge of the area of law we work in and our unique procedures, and could always be relied upon to repeat tasks after being shown the procedure only once. Additionally, she is very pleasant to work with and had a great attitude throughout her time at LCBH. Guadalupe will quickly become an asset to anyone who is lucky enough to hire her.” She has gained the unsolicited praise of Eviction Defense staff attorney Noah Magaram.

Blake Wilkinson (Supportive Services)
Blake Wilkinson came to LCBH as a 2nd year social work intern from the University of Illinois at Chicago. During his time at the agency, he showed tremendous leadership, took initiative on various projects, and showed consistent support for both the interns he worked with and others around the office. “I could rely on Blake for anything and everything,” said Supportive Services Director, John Paul Beals. “I still sorely miss his leadership, his great work, and his support of me and LCBH’s supportive services efforts. He did an excellent job at this! No one could be more worthy of this award than Blake”.