Keeping the Promise Ordinance

An effort to drop homelessness in Chicago and dramatically increase access to affordable housing

During a time of severe city budget constraints, passing the Keeping the Promise Ordinance will enable us to drop homelessness in Chicago by 12% over the coming 3-5 years, without draining Chicago’s tight city budget.

The Keeping the Promise Ordinance will:

  • Improve transparency by requiring CHA to report to the City Council’s Housing Committee quarterly.
  • Prevent the further net loss of low-income housing from our City by requiring CHA to replace standing public housing units on a one-for-one basis as a condition of accessing city-controlled affordable housing financing moving forward. As many as 1800 at-risk units will be preserved through this policy alone, either through rehabilitation or reconstruction.
  • Encourage CHA to rebuild public housing by preventing the sale or swop of CHA-owned land until CHA produces a Replacement Housing Plan demonstrating how and where it will build the number of replacement public housing units CHA committed to build when it demolished the old communities.
  • Require CHA to fully use available housing vouchers in order to access City funding for its projects. Less administrative fees and service program costs, CHA receives enough funding for its voucher program to circulate at least 9,000 more housing vouchers to families. We propose the phase-in of 3,000 additional vouchers each year until CHA reaches 97% utilization of available voucher funds.
  • Advance fair and affordable housing across all of Chicago’s neighborhoods by requiring CHA to increase resources for mobility counseling to ensure voucher holders are able to access all communities, not just low-income neighborhoods.
City of Chicago