Fair Housing Education Consortium

Education working towards the elimination of discrimination.
Equal Housing Opportunity

The Fair Housing Education Consortium (FHEC) provides fair housing training to educate various stakeholders in order to work towards elimination of discrimination and further promote equal access to housing, throughout Chicago.

Discrimination? Yes, no, or maybe?

  • A landlord doesn’t return a voice mail from an African-American applicant interested in renting an apartment, but does call a white applicant back.
  • A property manager tells a family with children that they can’t rent the only available apartment because it is on the third floor with a balcony and that would be dangerous for their young children.
  • A veteran in a wheelchair is told that he can’t rent an available apartment in a four-flat because there are stairs and no ramp.

Scenarios like this are offered in trainings on housing discrimination laws, provided throughout Chicago by FHEC, a project funded by the Department of Housing and Economic Development. The formation of the consortium was initiated by LCBH, which continues to coordinate the project. Other member agencies include Access Living, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and the John Marshall Fair Housing Legal Support Center.

FHEC works to ensure trainings cover the most pertinent topics, such as what constitutes unlawful discrimination, who can be sued, what are the protected classes, and the relief available under fair housing laws in all jurisdictions: federal, state, county and city. Additionally, FHEC trainings cover requests for reasonable accommodations with an emphasis on reasonable modifications and accessibility requirements. FHEC trainings and educational materials are targeted at the housing industry, landlord organizations, legal community, delegate agencies and tenant groups.

Individuals or groups interested in training can contact LCBH at [email protected].