Education & Awareness

By providing education, data, and policy guidance, LCBH equips its community partners with tools to conduct effective campaigns to engage renters. LCBH’s programming works to highlight neighborhood connections and community investment by providing legal representation and the tools and knowledge necessary to empower renters to stay and thrive in their communities.

Chicago Healthy Homes Inspection Program

To date, Chicago has had a “complaint-based” housing code program. Inspections and enforcement are largely driven by tenant complaints. This places the tenant in the position of the “bad guy.” Ratting-out the landlord to the City Department of Buildings when the conditions become intolerable frequently results in spoiling the relationship with the landlord, retaliatory rent increases and, typically, eviction.

Chicago Housing Justice League

The Chicago Housing Justice League is collaborative of 37 groups, organizing for just housing since its inception in January of 2018. The League’s central mission is to inform and influence the City of Chicago’s 5 Year Housing Plan, as League members recognize the Plan’s potential to improve projects, programs, and policies to better the lives of Chicago residents. The Chicago Housing Justice League has developed a set of principles to guide the 5 Year Housing Plan and create more equitable housing opportunities across Chicago. The Chicago Housing Justice League is committed to assisting the City in integrating these shared Principles into the 5 Year Plan process and gathering input from Chicago’s residents.

Equal Housing Opportunity

The Fair Housing Education Consortium (FHEC) provides fair housing training to educate various stakeholders in order to work towards elimination of discrimination and further promote equal access to housing, throughout Chicago.

Keep Chicago Renting

With the passage of the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance (KCRO) in June 2013, members of the Keep Chicago Renting Coalition who advocated for adoption of the ordinance are now actively engaged in educating renters and other constituents about the ordinance’s new protections. It is expected that this ordinance will positively change the landscape of tenant protections—no longer will foreclosure alone be an excuse to vacate the properties of renters.