Referring Clients To LCBH

Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing is the only Chicago legal-aid organization that provides free legal and supportive services to low and moderate income renters in the private housing market. Our legal team is acutely aware of the difficulties facing unrepresented renters. But due to the summary nature of eviction court, LCBH is frequently able to consult with prospective clients only after the time to adequately prepare their cases for trial has passed. As a result we are often forced to reject meritorious cases, cases we would have accepted but for the renter’s difficulty in finding LCBH.

Can LCBH help?

Are the Chicago renters you are serving experiencing:
  • Eviction
  • A building foreclosure
  • Housing discrimination
  • Unsafe apartment conditions, such as bed bugs, mold or lead paint
  • An unresponsive landlord
  • Utility shut-off by their landlord
  • Issues with their landlord requiring the help of an attorney
Our staff can protect their rights and will work with them to reach the best solution for their situation in terms that they understand.

Do they qualify for FREE assistance?

LCBH helps lower income renters in Chicago including Housing Choice Voucher Holders. LCBH accepts clients on a case-by-case basis depending on need and situation. To qualify for services ALL renters must go through the LCBH intake process. Eviction cases often move very quickly, so contact our office as soon as possible to allow enough time for us to determine if and how we can help.

How to contact LCBH

Chicago Renters

Facing a housing related issue

We will gather information from them about their situation and schedule them for an intake interview or refer them to an appropriate agency for assistance.

  • Call us at (312) 347-7600

Intake interviews are conducted at our offices:   33 N. LaSalle St   Suite 900   Chicago, IL 60602.

Living in a foreclosed building

We can help them find out if their property is in foreclosure and provide them information about their rights during and after the foreclosure.

  • Call our Tenants in Foreclosure Helpline at (312) 784-3507
24/7 Online Assistance

Rentervention is a free resource for Chicago renters facing housing issues. They can chat online with Rentervention to learn more about their housing issue and how to resolve it.

Whether they’re facing an eviction, a security deposit dispute, utility shutoff, or other conditions issue, Rentervention is here to help.

Rentervention can provide them with: Rentervention
  • Tailored letters to send to their landlord
  • Self-help resources and guides
  • A free lawyer
Start chatting with Rentervention right now!

Illinois Renters

(outside of Chicago)
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Online Assistance

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