LCBH collaborates with community-based organizations in order to better leverage resources and expand its programs’ reach.

Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing is the only Chicago legal-aid organization that provides free legal and supportive services to low and moderate income renters in the private housing market. Our legal team is acutely aware of the difficulties facing unrepresented renters. But due to the summary nature of eviction court, LCBH is frequently able to consult with prospective clients only after the time to adequately prepare their cases for trial has passed. As a result we are often forced to reject meritorious cases, cases we would have accepted but for the renter’s difficulty in finding LCBH.

By providing education, data, and policy guidance, LCBH equips its community partners with tools to conduct effective campaigns to engage renters. LCBH’s programming works to highlight neighborhood connections and community investment by providing legal representation and the tools and knowledge necessary to empower renters to stay and thrive in their communities.

LCBH offers presentations on a number of issues affecting renters including renters’ rights, foreclosure, and fair housing. Presentations are designed for specific audiences to provide pertinent information. Whether you are an attorney, housing advocate, social worker, community organizer, landlord, or renter, our presentations will provide you with valuable and useful information.