Young Professionals Board Application Form

The Young Professionals Board (YPB) is dedicated to promoting LCBH’s cause and values among member constituencies and the public. YPB members work closely with LCBH and the Board of Directors to raise awareness and resources to support LCBH’s mission of providing free legal and supportive services to improve housing stability for low income renters in Chicago. Amongst a host of other activities, the YPB helps support these causes through volunteer efforts and fundraising events.

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Young Professionals Board

YPB Committees:

  • Event Planning/Fundraising: If you have experience in planning events or raising essential funds for a nonprofit, foundation, etc. please consider joining our Event Planning/Fundraising Committee. This committee helps plan a number of networking events, whether it is a happy hour or the Bringing Justice Home Fall Benefit, that help keep YPB members engaged with our mission.
  • Recruitment: If you have experience in recruiting new members, volunteers, or full-time employees to your workplace or an organization you are involved with, please consider joining our Recruitment Committee. YPB is always looking for new members and this committee ensures that we are reaching as many potential recruits as possible by attending networking events and reaching out to those who are interested in our mission.
  • Community Outreach/Marketing: If you have experience in advertising, sales, or communications, please consider joining our Community Outreach/Marketing Committee. This committee focuses on promoting the YPB and searching for volunteer opportunities for YPB members.